A Major Effect of Congenital Disorder

A congenital disorder is a medical condition that is present at or before birth, and some people refer to it as birth defects. Simply put, some kids are born with diseases that they know nothing about and are not responsible for. The sad thing about this is that some of these children die before a certain age, and the ones that don’t have to live with whatever their defects are for the rest of their lives. In all honesty, it is not those children that are at fault, it is just the circumstances in which they were brought to the world.

some of the congenital diseases

Not all these diseases are obvious to the physical eyes for example, kidney diseases, others are not obvious but their symptoms make it obvious that something is not right. Take for instance congenital heart disease. While the others are more obvious and can create stigmas for such children. Such as Down syndrome. No parent wants to have a child they have to care for the rest of their lives, their joy to be a part of their lives till they are ready to go out on their own. These diseases don’t only affect the parents, they also affect the children. We will be looking at one major way it affects the children.

How these congenital diseases affect children

Because of the effects of these diseases such as sluggishness, stunted growth or retardation, some kids find it difficult to cope amongst their peers. Sometimes, it is not just their peers, they also experience these treatments from teachers who don’t understand and are not willing to understand, or teachers who lack patience.
This sole reason has made parents of such kids to homeschool their children. This is in a bid to give them good education and maintain their sanity. The only thing wrong with this is that such children would live lonely lives and miss out on the development that is attached to hanging around you age group per time.