Being the World’s Power

The fight for the nation that will be the world power is definitely on the rise. What does it mean to be the world power and what does it entail? We would come to it shortly. The United States of America is the current world power with China come up behind it. China appears to be competing for that position actively, as they are daily coming up with new ideas and innovations to develop their nation.

criteria for being the world’s power

Being the world power is being more than just the richest country or the richest economy. It entail more than that, it is usually determined through the combined means of economic, military, technological, political and cultural strength as well as diplomatic and soft power influence. Simply put, in as much as any country can be the world's power, not every country can attain that position especially not now due to obvious reasons. Of all the other countries in the world, China is the only country that happens to come close to attaining this height with Russia coming up also, but the interesting thing is that they fall short of one or two of the important factors needed to rule the world.

Advantage of being the world’s power

You may be wondering why there is so much fuss about being the world power. It is majorly because of the benefits attached to it. Some of the advantages of world power are thusTheir military power enables them to be able to fight wars outside their own homelands. Their citizens also have freedom of action to go into any country speak English and bring out dollars because the country itself has influence on international customs and institution. Finally, the economic power of the country enables people from all over the world to interact and do business with them this improving their own economy further.