Daring the Impossible

Ever thought of robots ruling the world one day? Well, with the way science and technology is advancing, it might happen sooner than we think. It is a belief that once you see the possibility of something in your mind, it is easier to replicate. That can simply be said as “you produce what you have seen.”

Innovation- the bedrock of possibilities

Before most of our technology came into place, the world thought it was doing fine. But there will be that one person or group of people that has a crazy idea, that wants to do something new, something different. That person that sees a possibility where no one else sees it and makes use of it. A perfect example of this are “The wright brothers”. Everyone told them it was impossible for metal to fly in air, but after several failed attempts, they did it, and now air transportation has been a major mode for traveling for most people. It did not just stop there, it awakened the imaginative part of people’s brains to do more. Now we have different kind of aircraft from different companies with different designs

feasibility of robots living with man

Looking at the events on earth closely, you will notice that books and novels now speak of the possibility of sharing this planet with robots. And it is becoming more and more feasible. All the necessary technology and equipment may not be on ground now, but scientists are working on it day and night to see that the world runs in a seamless way.
Not that they mean any harm or think that humans are not capable of doing things themselves, there is just this feeling in man, this curiosity that makes them want to dare the impossible, or to do what no one has done before.
This is just to warn you, when you hear about the motion to release robots to live amongst men, do not be surprised.

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